Joyful Learning, Devoted Teachers,
Boundless Knowledge.

At BCMS we know that learning must be interesting and fun, therefore we strive to provide a well-rounded education that affords our students the opportunity to explore and learn at their own pace and for their own knowledge; this brings its own rewards such as self-motivation and joyous learning. The basic goals for our young student’s education here at BCMS—to help increase the child’s level of independence, to increase their ability to concentrate, and to encourage their imagination—are all in the spirit of honoring their childhood.

For parents, students, and teachers our program is a 3 year journey from preschool through kindergarten, that is filled with joyful learning, devoted friendship and boundless knowledge.



Authentic Montessori School

We are an authentic Montessori school, family-owned and operated by the founder's daughter, Amanda Riccetti. Representing the mission of BCMS to provide a strong and connected journey for your child, Amanda's values are embodied in all aspects of the school. The carefully selected teachers have been highly trained and become devoted family members, with an average tenure of 8-15 years. Recognizing that stability is important in a child's first school experience, BCMS provides a consistent and loving environment with a year-round full-time program.

BCMS is licensed through the Department of Social Services, Facility #380503028.



We believe in the importance of building strong connections between home and school. We do this by partnering with our families to provide the most enriching personal growth experience and superior education for our children. This is done with our: open door policy, buddy parents, week-in-review e-mails, parent conferences throughout the year, BCMS Shutterfly site, community playroom, and our Big City Parents Organization (BCPO).