BCPO Members and Meetings Schedule

BCPO Members

The Big City Parents Organization is comprised of parents whose children attend (or have attended) the school. Parents volunteer their time. We welcome any parent to join our monthly meetings. Current members are listed below (with their child’s name and teacher).


2017-2018 Officers

Teresa Partridge, President

Leslie Craven, Secretary 

Lisa McMillan, Treasurer (Alumni)


2017-2018 Members

Amy Offen-Reeves

Barry Kendall

Brian Holliday

Christina Yang

Dan Atkins

Dawn Blessing

Erica Reagan-Hackett

Greg Metcalf

Janette Andrawes

Josie Haspel

Joy Forsythe

Kendrick Vaughn

Kim Reagan-Hackett

Laura Oppenheimer

Leecia Welch

Leslie Craven

Matt Darby

Sandra Fiz-Elias

Sean Daily

Shilpa Satish

Shobana Ravi

Teresa Partridge

Will Hall


2017-2018 BCMS Staff Advisors

Amanda Riccetti, BCMS Director

Jill Walsh, BCMS Admissions Director

Meeting Schedule

Parents in the group meet once per month (the third Wednesday of the month, from 5:30-6:30 p.m.). For your convenience, childcare and pizza is provided by the school at the meetings.